Sound familiar?

  • You have lots of digital photos that you'd like to organize and tell stories with
  • You don't have the time or patience to sit and do this all by yourself
  • You'd rather have a professional do it all for you

What you do: Just upload ALL your photos

Yes, don't bother sorting or selecting your photos. We're sure there are tons of duplicates, photos that are similar, out of focus, poorly lit etc.

Just upload them ALL - from your computer and or mobile devices.

What we do: The Photogurus do all the work

We’ll choose the best photos

Our story tellers and design experts (gurus) will choose
the best pictures based on:

  • Who the key personalities in the story are
  • Emotion in the photos
  • Scenic beauty
  • Story context etc

We'll handcraft your photo book

With the best hand-picked photos we'll handcraft each page of your photo book and create something beautiful and organized for you to cherish forever. No more digital clutter.

What you get

Beautiful photo books with zero effort.

Hand crafted stories told from your best photos from an event. Your vacations, birthday parties, stories of your babies, kids sports, parties, family gatherings etc.

Your personal story hub. No more chaos.

All your photo books organized in one place easily accessible from anywhere - HDTV, computer, phone or tablet.

Secure storage.

All your photo books in a private archive on Amazon's secure cloud forever.

Easy sharing that you control.

You can share your photo books privately or on social media. You control it. You can also download your photo books onto your computer or mobile device.

Print a keepsake.

If you want, you could print your photo book as a beautiful coffee table photo book with a click.